Want a orginal musuem to visit? Go to the Moco Musuem in Amsterdam?

The pandemic has given us a lot of restriction, that although necessary, were pretty painful. One of the most painful restrictions for me was the restricted traveling between countries. I really like traveling, but sadly due to coronavirus regulations, I was not able to do so for the last year and a half. Luckily, since last summer, these restriction have been lifted. I really want to benefit from this while I can. Therefore, I travelled to Amsterdam last weekend. I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam, but because I’m not that much of a “party animal”, I’ve always felt reluctant to go there. Amsterdam to me always felt like a typical party city. And while this is somewhat true, I also found that Amsterdam is an amazing city full of rich culture and architecture. I was especially surprised by the Moco Musuem. It surprised me so much, that I decided to write dedicate a blog to it, so here goes.

The Moco Museum

The Moco Museum offers an amazing combination of contemporary and classical art. You won’t find a typical van Gogh here. The displays are also not what you would expect from any ordinary museum. At the Moco Museum, you can really experience art. For me, this felt like a breath of fresh air. Museums can be a bit boring, but luckily not the Moco Museum. The Moco museum has two locations around the world you have the Moco Museum Barcelone and the Moco Museum Amsterdam. The one in Amsterdam is nothing like a typical museum such as the Rijksmuseum, which you can also visit in Amsterdam. The Moco Musuem is therefore much more attractive to a younger generation.

Where can I find it?

As a tourist, you often don’t have the time to travel very long distances, since you are lonely in the city for view days. Luckily, the Moco Museum lies very central within Amsterdam. If you want, you can cycle to the museum. This way, you will get the complete Dutch experience. The museum is closely located to another famous Dutch museum: het Rijksmuseum. I believe it’s maybe 5 minutes of cycling once you’ve reach the Rijksmuseum. Should you ever be in Amsterdam, I would highly recommend this museum to you. It really gives you a new perspective on what a museum can, and maybe should, be.

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