Travel Sites’ Dodgy Practices Prompt Pricing Guidelines, Singapore News & Top Stories

If you’ve already made plans to go away this summer, you probably have a sense of just how many options there are for booking a trip. That’s where you will find the best travel deals on the internet for flights, hotels, car rentals and more. Bottom Line: For more information about booking travel through the Amex Travel portal check out our Guide to American Express Travel. What’s more, every time users book flights, hotels, or rides together through Upside, the site provides a gift card from any one of 50 top retailers.

Cons: Flight departed an hour past scheduled time due to a snafu with flight attendants: they were either absent or really late or a replacement crew. The process requires submitting a travel request through the site, and then a personal flight consultant contacts you with the cheapest fares.

A few searches found that rooms that were not available to book online through the hotel’s website were available on the app. It shows you the cheapest flights available at any time. Ben Stanford, a project manager for a Vancouver-based web company called Red Cedar Websites , said that he primarily uses the Kayak app because it has the best deals.

Also like the airlines, it’s pretty difficult to cover ALL hotels, so I’ve stuck to the main brands and groups – do let me know if you think I’ve missed anything big and I’ll also update this over time. The site’s gurus work with travelers to find unpublished discount airfares, accessing inventory that average travelers can’t see using typical flight and search engines.

Sponsored by a group of Asian airlines, Zuji ( ) has grown and offers specialist services through dedicated sites for Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand (with Travelocity). It’s nice to be able to compare so many different airlines and agencies, but the real reason Google excels is this: The search engine can tell the difference between a cheap flight and a good flight.

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