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A Spain vacation is a very popular choice, but which city is better to visit: Madrid or Barcelona? TripAdvisor seems to rely on software to review” the reviews. However, much more common are the fake TripAdvisor reviews for known businesses. If you’d like to search for reviews that are more specific to your circumstances, you can easily filter the reviews by traveler type (families, couples, solo, business, or friends), time of year, and language.

All in all, travel advisors personalize travel to fit you, rather than fit you into travel. We offer you great deals, hotels and tickets. Travel Advisor is a quarterly publication reaching the most influential people in the travel industry. To find these, just click on Traveler Photos in the upper right-hand corner of the hotel’s review page.

If you’ve ever booked a hotel, I bet you’ve checked out a TripAdvisor review. Let’s take a look at everything TripAdvisor offers and how it can help you plan and book your next vacation. Except where described above, travel and hospitality businesses are listed on TripAdvisor for free.

As a new travel advisor, you have your pick of business models. I don’t think TripAdvisor could care less about whether you actually read or trust the reviews anymore. TripAdvisor is a great tool to find activities for your next trip. One thing all of our advisors have in common is a passion for travel.

TripAdvisor members have answers to your questions about pretty much everything travel-related. I’d much rather have TripAdvisor dial back on the promotions (although the tote bags were awesome!) and focus on hiring part-time reviewers to supplement and standardize their reviews.

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