The Difference Between One to Five Star Hotels

Various kinds of hotels have their standards. That is because of several types of customers with multiple needs as well. For example, backpackers who only need a place to sleep, then they will choose a one-star hotel or 2-star hotel. But, if you vacation with your family at least, you should book a three-star, four or five-star hotel. The best example of a five-star hotel is Swissotel 5 Star Resort Kamala Beach.

1. One-Star Hotels

One-star hotels are usually managed directly by the owner; for example, it is a family business or the like who are working in accommodation providing. The minimum rooms are 15 rooms only. There is no suite room needed. But the bathroom must be inside each room. And one-star hotels do not have to be on the side of a highway or a strategic place.

2. Two-Star Hotels

Slightly different from one star, two-star hotels are required to have at least one suite room. So that their visitors can choose a lot more variation of facilities such as watching TV, enjoying the air conditioning, etc. The number of rooms is also different. The minimum requirement is 20 rooms. And telephone services in each room and reception lobby must be available in a two-star hotel.

3. Three-Star Hotels

The standard for a three-star hotel is to be on the side of a highway. Also, there are at least 30 room units. Hotels in this category are required to have at least two suite rooms. Some facilities are more pampering visitors such as swimming pools, sports venues, and providing breakfast for visitors every day.

4. Four-Star Hotels

Hotels in this category have more luxurious facilities compared to previous types that have only necessary facilities. Four-star hotels are required to have their restaurant and bar. A better swimming pool and more complete sports facilities. And not forget that their location must be in a strategic place. It is highly required so that visitors will be easier to find the location of the hotel and can relax comfortably. The minimum rooms must be 50 rooms, and there are must be at least three suite rooms.

5. Five-Star Hotel

Not only the facility that must be complete and high class, but the five-star hotel category also requires a very good treatment for its visitors from the very start they come, and luxury too, as well. The minimum rooms must be 100 rooms, and there is four suite room. The first service that visitors usually get in the hotel is a welcome drink. There is a minibar in each room, as well as high-quality furniture in every room. Facilities and services are far better than the lower class, and there is usually a 24-hour food delivery service by the restaurants available there.

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