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Travel plans can become expensive, so it’s important to find savings wherever you can. Currently, the best way to assure the lowest price is to call the airlines and ask them directly. A CheapAir study released in March , which analyzed more than 917 million airfares in 8,000 markets, reveals that there’s a smart, and not so smart, time to book airfare.

I’d love to visit Paris, but I can’t afford the airfare. Unfortunately, when it came to prices, this aggregator’s performance was only average, and particularly weak on last-minute flights. If you can tap into the knowledge of any frequent and experienced travelers you can usually get some good tips on how to get cheap airline tickets as well.

Many routes are highly competitive and it can force an airline with traditional dominance in a market to drop its airfares, sometimes dramatically, in response to a new competitor or fare sale from other competing airlines. The fact is that as the airline industry develops more sophisticated ways to sell tickets to consumers, the rules constantly change.

I don’t mind compromising on airlines, as it’s really not a big part of my vacations. Here at CheapAir, we’re a team of travel enthusiasts and tech geeks. The most important thing to do is to buy your tickets directly from the airline website or office. Flying the budget airlines is a good alternative to flying the majors” whenever possible.

Demand is high so flights will be sold out for the peak travel days within the week of the actual holiday. Go for not-so-big airlines and nearby airports. For the majority of air bookings, this is a nominal fee, which will vary based on availability. So, once you get some low priced air tickets, be quick in booking.

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