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With more cruise ships, more cruise holidays and more impressive cruise packages on offer than ever before, it feels like the Golden Age of Cruising has returned – only bigger and better. The Valiant Lady cruise ship will dock near Las Ramblas at the World Trade Center Barcelona, positioning cruisers (or ‘sailors’ as Virgin chooses to call passengers) as close to the heart of the departure-port-city as possible. The Carnival Cruise is one of the most well-known cruise lines in the world today.

Cruise lines base much of their reputation on their food service, and terms such as “world class cuisine” and “gourmet meals” are combined with “impeccable service” to insure that the onboard dining experience is truly memorable. As a cruise line, Silversea sails to more than 900 destinations around the world, with its expedition fleet tackling challenging itineraries like Antarctica or the Northwest Passage.

Some cruise ships are like floating horizontal skyscrapers with all the bells and whistles, while others feel more like a private yacht. With ships both large and small sailing to all four corners of the globe, from exotic fly cruises to itineraries departing from right here in the UK, we offer an incredible selection with our partner cruise lines.

Azamara not only offers personalized shore excursions, so no one has to be stuck in a slow-moving group with a flag-touting guide, they also do a number of overnights, allowing guests to explore more destinations farther inland. In lots of countries, there are river cruises that ply inland waterways (a great option if you’re prone to seasickness).

The ship sails all over the world, spending time in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe on week-long to three-month-long sailings. Gone are the days when fixed seating meals in a single dining room are your only option aboard cruise ships. The places you hit once you get off the cruise ship are almost as important as your time on ship.