Interesting Activities To Do In Cancun, Mexico

If you watched the Netflix show Love is Blind, we’re sure you’ll be captivated by the beauty of Cancun, the place couples visit after choosing each other on the show. This Mexican city is known for its pristine white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and lush forests. Here are activities that can be tried in Cancun:

Interesting Activities At Xcaret Cancun

Xcaret Cancun Tour is an Eco-Tourism entertainment venue that presents a variety of interesting attractions as well as the conservation of several animal species. With affordable prices, we can enjoy nature tours, water game tours, cultural tours of Mayan culture dances, animal tours, and swimming with dolphins in this 81ha tourist complex.

Another interesting thing, for visitors who like to take pictures, there are lots of cameras scattered throughout Xcaret to capture visitors’ moments while traveling around this area.

Floating in The Underground Rivers, the cenotes formed by the abrasion of limestone that is continuously pounded by water so that they collapse and form natural deep wells that are green and blue are also a stunning impression.

Interesting Activities In Ventura Park Cancun

Ventura Park Cancun is the largest family theme park in Cancun where you will find entertainment for all ages. You can enjoy from the Wet’n Wild water park to zip lines, go-karts, roller coasters, delicious buffets, and many other exciting activities.

Interesting Activities In Isla Mujeres

Just eight miles (13 kilometers) from CancĂșn, Isla Mujeres has nightlife offerings and many all-inclusive resorts. Playa Norte (North Beach) is also the island’s most famous stretch of sand. The surrounding coral reefs provide snorkeling opportunities for a fantastic diving experience. At the other end of the island, you’ll find a lighthouse and ruins of a Mayan temple. Get Interesting Tours With Isla Mujeres Day Tour At

Visiting The Cancun Underwater Museum

If you are in Cancun, then you must visit the Cancun Underwater Museum to witness the art of conservation. The museum was founded in 2009 after a hurricane devastated Cancun National Marine Park.

The museum contains 500 sculptures by six British and Mexican artists. We can choose various snorkeling and diving activities with a guide, or simply take a glass-deck sightseeing boat.

Exploring The Archaeological Site Of El Meco

Cancun is famous for its ancient ruins from the ancient Mayan civilization. So, if you are a history buff, then a visit to the El Meco Archaeological Site should be in your Cancun travel plans.

Became inhabited in AD 300, the site features a 12.5 meter high EI Castillo (pyramid) with the remains of an old temple perched on top, providing stunning views.

Strolling The Urbano Kabah Park

Also known as the Kaaba Ecological Park, Urbano Kaaba Park is a place that pampers nature lovers.

Surrounded by beautiful palm trees and lush gardens, the two kilometers of trails in the park are perfect for picnics, jogging, or leisurely walks.

This natural oasis also has a playground for children and a zoo with iguanas, peccaries, spider monkeys, deer, and more.

Hang Skating At Selvatica

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, try zip lining at Selvatica which is a theme park in Cancun. The park offers four slide routes in one package.

There are a total of 10 different hang slide circuits that promise a thrilling and exciting ride as you fly over the forest and enjoy the natural vertical caverns.

Don’t Forget To Stop By Tulum

If you’re in Cancun, don’t forget to stop by the ancient Mayan coastal town of Tulum. It was once a walled port city and operated for 70 years after the Spanish Conquest.

The stunning clifftop location offers views of the pristine coast. This place also has unique buildings with Fresco Temples and the beauty of its high and wide walls.

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