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How To Give A Makeover To Your Home With A Travel Theme

A traveler will always return to his abode after witnessing an exciting adventure. Therefore, his den must also be unique and display his love for traveling. In addition, the place must reflect your character and be filled with motivating travel decor.

Luckily, there are so many ways to showcase your travel belongings. You can invest in some decor to turn your place into a beautiful travelers’ home. Let’s discuss some fantastic ideas that will transform your home into a travel theme.

Vintage Suitcase Decor for travelers

Planning and packing are the essential components of any traveler’s plan. You can put this idea to your home in different ways. First, you must possess vintage suitcases, pile them and use them as a bedside table.

You can pile them to form a coffee table too. Place an opened suitcase in front of the dressing mirror and keep all your grooming essentials neatly on it. Make them tidy and accessorize with lights, plants, or lampshades.

Travel Theme Wall art

Imagine a world map canvas over your bedroom wall or in the living room. A canvas full of travel quotes over your study area and hallway wall. A canvas with different cuisines from all over the world on your kitchen wall.

Canvas in different sizes and shapes give a finished look to your walls and create a focal point for decoration. Provide luxury to your walls with these magnificent tropical-inspired prints of your favorite place.

Different Zone Clocks

On your living room wall or hallway wall, you can execute this fantastic idea. Hang a clock with different time zones. The vintage look will look so royal and eye-catching—Times of other countries’ names written above it.

Hanging Globe Light

Just imagine a globe-shaped and printed hanging light over your study area. It is a unique idea of driving with some motivation and looks very chic.

Mountain Shaped Shelves

Floating shelves with mountain peaks look so unique and beautiful. You can mount them in the bedroom, living room, or even on washroom walls.

Polaroid Photo Display

Have you kept all your travel polaroid prints locked in a closet? It’s time you flaunt your photos in exciting wall decor. Join all your pictures with the help of invisible threads, tie them to a wooden log and hang them on your living room wall. Add some string lights to it, and wow, fantastic wall decor is made.

Personal Travel Gallery

You can make your travel gallery, pace a rustic bench, and place all the valuables from different places. Then, hang your photos with some travel quotes.

Make framed photo prints of all the exceptional landscapes and memories captured by you. Design a personal tour photo grid on the bedroom wall. The memories will make you nostalgic and motivate you to plan the next trip.

Souvenir Magnet Display

Hang all the souvenirs from different countries on from a magnet to a metal board. The collection will look exhilarating.

Map Web Display

This is an extensive idea where you can buy a world map board cork. From the destinations, you have visited, mark and make lines and paste a photo of the destination outside the map.

Showcase the Tickets, Postcards, and Currency

This is such a unique way to show off your traveling madness. Beautifully showcase your tickets in a glass jar. Make a coin display with a pot or glass frame.

You can hang different currencies on a frame. Then, in a large bottle, put all soil samples, mark the places. This very personal decor will stand out from all the sets.

Travel Theme Wallpaper

Travel theme wallpapers are an easy way to set your passion on the walls. You can get travel-themed wallpapers with miniature monuments, landscapes, or words.

You can paste them anywhere behind your travel gallery as a backdrop, or you can go big and paste them on your accent wall. They are removable and are available in a premium finish.

Shot Glasses

You can display all the shot glasses from different destinations and keep them in your living room. This will reflect your dedication to traveling.

Decoupage Map in Words

You can cut out letters of your favorite word like ‘TRAVEL’ and paste map stickers on them. Then, place it on your table and shelves or paste it to the wall with souvenirs from the trips.

Travel Accessories

Go for Moroccan prints or patterns of rugs from different locations. The detailing will look very interesting. Buy cushions covered with travel theme maps, words, or locations.

The kitchen accessory like coasters and other serveware can contain details of different places. For example, a fridge magnet with travel quotes, photos will give a personal touch.

Final Words

There are so many ways with which you can transform your home into a travel theme. DIY some things, and display all your trips with valuable memories and souvenirs in exciting ways.

 Everyone will be amazed by your effort and would love to start a conversation on every journey of yours.