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Tucked away in the middle of the tranquil Caribbean Sea, a magical island lives and breathes a dynamic culture amidst a Garden of Eden of white sandy beaches and scintillating azure waters. Jumby Bay, features 40 tastefully decorated rooms and luxury vacation villas spread across a beautiful private island, two miles off the coast of Antigua. The vast majority are volcanic in origin, such as Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean 10 The few oceanic islands that are not volcanic are tectonic in origin and arise where plate movements have lifted up the ocean floor above the surface.

Glamorous blond beaches curve around its coastline, backed by rolling green hills. The golden sand and blue sapphire sea makes it one of the best islands in the world. Surfers’ Paradise is a great choice for travelers interested in theme parks, atmosphere and sandy beaches.

This beach is renowned for its crystal sands and underwater nature trail, and it just one of the many memorable beaches on St. John. Experience the whole island for just one group at a time. If you’re looking for the best selection of private islands for sale on the internet, you’re in the right place.

Basically, the place owns the record for the largest sand island in the world as it measures 1840km². Other continental islands formed because of changes in sea level. Aits, or islands in rivers, form in this way. 3. If people can live in a sand island, animals can also do the same.

Enjoy your next family holiday at this paradise beach resort, where reality is like a dream. Why aren’t we holding the cup?” Mr. Bodden has been a vocal critic of the islands’ unchecked development and what he sees as the disenfranchisement of the island population.