Fun holiday in Bangkok

Intend on a vacation abroad? Bangkok could be the right choice. Bangkok has many interesting tourist attractions to visit. The culture and atmosphere also make you feel at home and comfortable. Traveling will always make you wonder about finding the right place to stay. In Bangkok, you can find everything starts from ordinary lodging to luxury lodging. If you are looking for a place to stay that is close to the tourist attractions Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is the place choice. You can book your room online at

Then, what are good places to visit in Bangkok? Check this out:

1. Grand Palace, Palace of the Magnificent King of Thailand

This palace is a tourist attraction that you must visit while on vacation in Bangkok. Located in the heart of Bangkok, you will be presented with a view of a golden building with amazing decoration. The combination of Thai architecture with a neo-Baroque style guarantee will make you feel amazed.

In the Grand Palace Complex, there are government buildings, the royal family’s residence, and the king’s collection of museums. There is also the holiest temple in Thailand, the Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of Emerald Buddha. Try wearing polite clothes when you come here. If you use short clothes, you can buy or rent a long cloth near the entrance.

If you visit this place, remember to wear sunblock, a hat, glasses, or bring an umbrella because the air here is quite hot. Try to come in the morning because there are more tourists in the afternoon. If you get there in the morning, you will get enough time to walk around because the Grand Palace Complex is very large. It takes 3 or 4 hours to explore the whole area.

2. Wat Arun, Beautiful Temple on the Chao Phraya River

This temple is located in a strategic location, which is on the banks of the Chao Praya River. This pace has any water transportation that tourists can try so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of the river around the temple.

At sunrise and sunset, the charm of Wat Arun increases. Reflections of golden sunlight add to the elegance of this Buddhist temple. Even from a distance, this 70-meter high building still looks beautiful. It is very suitable for photography objects to complete your photo collection. Exotic!

Wat Arun has many beautiful ornaments and high artistic value. The details of the decoration are antique porcelain jars combined with antique ceramics from China. If you went up, you can enjoy the unique natural scenery of the Chao Phraya river, even some parts of Bangkok. Here you can also rent traditional Thailand clothing that can add to the uniqueness of your vacation photos.

3. Shopping and Fun Snacks at Asiatique The Riverfront

Bangkok is one of the world’s favorite shopping paradise. If you want to shop while you eat and enjoy the views of the river, visit Asiatique The Riverfront. The goods sold here are quite varied, ranging from clothes, art objects, home decorations, souvenirs, food, and accessories.

This place provides entertainment such as the ‘Calypso’ ladyboy theater, Muay Thai Live, and the Asiatique Sky Ferris wheel. Asiatique was a river port warehouse that was renovated into a shopping area. Warehouse architecture is maintained well so that it becomes the hallmark of this place. Asiatique is divided into four districts, namely Waterfront, Town Square, Charoenkrung, and Factory.

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