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Coming to Colorado and not knowing which is the best way to spend your journey there? Welcome to Explorer Denver Tours, a company offering a wide variety of locations planned. We will help you choose the best trip for you or your group, so you won’t have to worry about the organization at all – just meet as at the previously chosen pick-up point and let the comfortable bus take you up the mountains, of course, with a professional guide included. We prefer to held tours in smaller groups, so nobody feels left out, but there is also always an option of booking a private tour for your family, friends, or even corporate events.

Educational, magnificent and simply breathtaking

All of these words describe Colorado’s scenery that you will get to see up close when hiking in the Rocky Mountains National Park. America’s treasure, it holds tours from 4 to 8 hours and gets you to see the views you will never forget. The National Park is full of different trails to explore by bus or on foot, both for beginners and more advanced hikers. Inside of it hides Estes Park surrounded by the mountains from all sides, where you can enjoy fly fishing, horseback riding, or white water rafting.

To do in Denver

Try going to the Denver Center of the Performing Arts – a marvelous and inspiring place to spend your day at, opened in 1895. There you can find everything to satisfy your cultural needs, from Broadway shows to acting instructions and backstage tours for true theatre kids (even if you are an adult – we now this stage never really passes). It has been named the best and biggest theatre in the whole Rocky Mountain Region, not to mention its Tony Award winning produces.

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