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3 Interesting Travel Destinations in the Maldives

The Maldives is one of the countries that are currently popular as tourist destinations. This country is known for its thousands of islands and also its clean blue beaches. One of the tourist attractions in the Maldives is the existence of various accommodation close or on the beach. One of them is the Fairmont Maldives. This resort is the right accommodation for those of you who are looking for the sensation of staying by the beach. Visitors can enjoy the days with a joy that is different than the usual. Besides, there are still many tourist destinations in the Maldives that offer a variety of other sensations. For more details, here are 3 destinations in the Maldives that must be visited.

1. Cocoa Island

Cocoa Island is one of many islands in the Maldives which become the center of attention for tourists, and at the same time, this place becomes the most visited island. This island is highly recommended for those of you who want to set foot in the Maldives.

Here you will find the blue water beaches of Tosca combined with clean white sand that will spoil your eye. The beauty is more complete with the hills around the island. Not just a shortstop, you can enjoy the feel of staying in a villa built on top of the sea so you can feel the calm waves. The villa was built with a beautiful beach concept. Here you can enjoy the sensation of other activities such as snorkeling and diving. Besides Cocoa Island, you can also get almost similar views on Baros Island, Emboodhu Finoihu. Mihiri, Huvahendhoo, Halaveli, Dhigu, Nika and Landaa Giraavaru.

2. Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island offers another uniqueness of the Maldives. This place is well known for the presence of phytoplankton which emits bluish light at night. Unfortunately, this unique phenomenon can only be seen in certain seasons. The beauty of Vaadhoo island does not just come at night, but the beauty of its beaches is also very radiant during the day.

There are not many inhabitants on this island, but on weekends many tourists come to visit the island. So, make sure you come in the right season if you want to witness the phenomenon of the glowing sea on this island.

3. Whale Sub Marine

Another sensation you can enjoy in the Maldives is traveling under the sea in a submarine. You can get this experience at Whale Sub Marine. This destination is very easy to reach because it is located in Male, the capital of the Maldives. For 45 minutes, you will explore the beauty of the underwater scenery that rich in various marine animals and plants. Not only that, beautiful coral reefs are ready to greet you here. For those of you who don’t have the expertise of snorkeling or diving, seeing the underwater beauty in this way is highly recommended.

If you want to visit 3 destinations in the Maldives that must be visited without paying extra fees, you should come at the right time and don’t forget to stay at Fairmont Maldives