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Vacation in Bangkok? You must visit these 4 travel destinations

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a favorite tourist destination for many people. The reason is, in addition to offering a variety of fascinating attractions, the city also offers unique hospitality in Southeast Asia that is not much different from other Southeast Asian countries. If you plan to take a vacation to Bangkok, stay at the Hotel Sukhumvit 11, one of which is Solitaire Hotel Bangkok.

Here are four attractions that you should not miss.

Tourist Destinations You Must Visit When On a Vacation to Bangkok

1. Temple of the Dawn or Wat Arun

The Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple located in the upper of the Chao Phraya River. This temple is built more than 200 years ago. It has beautiful carvings made of porcelain.

The best time to visit this temple is at sunset. The reason is, when the sunset, this temple will look like a silhouette facing the sun. The price of admission to Wat Arun is 50 Baht.

2. Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Pho

Wat Pho Temple is a tourist attraction that is often visited by tourists while on vacation in Bangkok. This temple is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok.

The attraction of the Wat Pho temple is a statue of Buddha lying in it. This gold-plated statue is the largest Buddha statue with 45 meters width and 15 meters in height. On the soles of his feet are pearl-coated luck symbols. The price of admission to Wat Pho is 100 Baht.

3. Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in Bangkok. Siam Ocean World is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia with more than 30,000 species of marine animals. In

Siam Ocean World there is also a children’s playground so this place is perfect for those of you who travel with family. The price of admission to Siam Ocean World is 750 Baht.

4. Royal Grand Palace

Royal Grand Palace is a building that has become an icon of the City of Bangkok. The building which began construction in 1782 was once the residence of the kings of Bangkok. The price of admission to the Royal Grand Palace is 500 Baht.

Those are the four tourist attractions that you must visit while on vacation in Bangkok.