Indian millennials prefer shorter but frequent trips to the GCC

Dec 12 2017

According to a recent survey from Indian online travel portal Yatra.com, out of 1,592 respondents, 66% said they would only be planning to travel for just seven days or less, at a time, but they would, however, travel more frequently. Interestingly, 43% of those surveyed were millennials.

Indian millennial tourists are opting for a little and often approach when it comes to travelling. To capture this a share of this multi-million visitor, market niche, Arabian Travel Market 2018 is an ideal platform to showcase different facilities and promotional offers.

Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director, ATM, said: “There are more than 400 million millennials in India. In terms of short break deals and offers this is sure to alert travel professionals and hoteliers throughout the GCC, being in such close proximity to their Indian neighbour. The travel time from Mumbai to Dubai, in particular, is just over three hours, and from Mumbai to Muscat, just under three hours, putting both cities on the radar as prime short break destinations.”

Currently, there are 18 daily direct flights from Mumbai to Dubai, 11 to Abu Dhabi, six to Oman, four to Kuwait, three to Riyadh and two each to Jeddah and Bahrain. Dubai, in particular, was revealed in the survey as a prime destination for Indian travellers – in the first nine months of 2017, there were 1.478 million Indian visitors to the emirate, an increase of 20% from the corresponding period in 2016.

The survey also revealed that, while some were prepared to spend over AED2,845 on a trip, the preferred choice of accommodation remains budget hotels. This is a segment that the tourist boards around the region are now focused on, along with mid-market hotels, as the luxury market becomes increasingly saturated and regional governments look to broaden their tourism appeal.