Khalid Al Zadjali – Director of Oman Convention Bureau

Jul 23 2017

The Sultanate of Oman is arguably one of the most preferred holiday destinations by the GCC residents today. The picturesque mountains, luxurious stay, adventurous activities such as hiking as well Omani culture contribute majorly to the rise of tourism in the country. In an exclusive interview with Travelwebme.com, Khalid Al Zadjali, Director of Oman Convention Bureau shares his views on how Oman has become one of the safest holiday destinations in the world and how promoting Kharif festival in Salalah has attracted tourists during summer. He also unveils few unexplored attractions in the country, which offer a totally new experience facet and culture of Oman.

1. Why is Oman referred to as one of the safest destinations in the world?
When we talk about Oman being one of the safest destinations in the world, we cannot just mention about the system. It is more about the people, experience and Omani culture. Omanis are very welcoming and friendly people. Additionally, the system and government has put in extra effort to make Oman a safe destination. When you land in Oman, a unique experience, coupled with scenic beauty and unmatched hospitality awaits you that truly make this country, a memorable holiday destination.

2. Why is the Kharif festival in Salalah attracting so much tourists year on year?
Salalah has a very special weather in the summer as compared to other regions in the GCC. Considering favourable weather conditions, combined with beautiful locales in and around Salalah, Kharif Festival was established to lure tourists during July and continues for six weeks. The festival is a major attraction during summer with various activities that portrays the beautiful Omani culture. The festival is well-organised with additional facilities and added rooms to accommodate the inflow of tourists in the region.

3. Which are the unexplored of regions in Oman?
The beauty of Oman is that each region of the country offers a unique experience. For instance, Khasab, port city on northern Oman’s Musandam Peninsula is only 2 hours away from Dubai. Here, you can explore different activities like enjoying the marine life, diving, mountain climbing etc. Salalah, capital city of southern Oman's Dhofar province offers a different experience all together. Tourists can escape the heat and enjoy the green landscape along with seasonal waterfalls. Another major attraction is Sur where you can visit the Marine Museum, Ibrahim bin adham balkhi Tomb and Bilad Sur Castle.

Irrespective of the days you spend in Oman, the country offers a delightful experience to its visitors which they can cherish for a lifetime.