Travel Insurance

Tune Protect introduces new travel assurance products

Oct 11 2015


Tune Protect, a regional online facilitator of travel insurance through its insurance partner, recently unveiled a new suite of travel assurance products featuring benefits catering specifically to the evolving needs of travellers throughout the region. The company introduced Tune Protect lifestyle assurance products such as ShopCare, GolfCare, WinterCare, and AdventureCare, which are customised to protect customers during their travel while they enjoy their vacation.

“We are aware that customers like to travel for reasons such as leisure, adventure, sports and even shopping. Keeping our customers’ priorities and preferences in mind, we have introduced insurance products specially to protect travellers in specific areas so that they can enjoy their travel with complete peace of mind,” said Arijit Munshi, General Manager of Tune Protect.

Unique selection of products

The company is focused on meeting customers’ expectations and in providing relevant protection and value-driven assurance products. ShopCare is catered to shoppers, ensuring they are protected from loss of money from fraudulent credit card transactions and forceful ATM withdrawals, amongst others. For avid golfers, GolfCare is a product that is tailored to provide protection to the golfer. WinterCare, as its name suggests, protects your winter travel from unforeseen mishaps. AdventureCare is customised for adrenaline junkies who would like to enjoy their thrill-seeking adventures.

“Based on our observation, majority of leisure travels today include families, we have ensured that the benefits of these lifestyle assurance products can be extended to an entire family,” Munshi added.

In addition to these products, a Family Plan has also been made available as a standalone plan providing travel protection to a family against personal accidents, medical emergencies, travel inconvenience related benefits, amongst others. The Family plan is Schengen compliant.

Exclusive partnerships

Tune Protect has an exclusive partnership with Qatar Insurance Co. (QIC) for travel assurance products in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.

“The relationship with Tune Protect and Tune Ins in Malaysia has only complemented QIC local travel insurance initiatives in the region. Moreover, this strategic partnership has brought in new and innovative travel protection products which catered to meet the needs of local travel community as well as niche travellers,” said Frederik Bisbjerg, Executive Vice President - Head of Retail, QIC.

Part of Tune Ins Holdings Berhad in Malaysia, Tune Protect is a facilitator of online travel insurance on behalf of its insurance partners, where its product offers comprehensive travel related benefits such as personal accident, 24-hour emergency assistance, medical support, travel inconvenience, baggage delay or loss.