Online Travel

Top Five Travel Hacks

Mar 22 2017


Online travel company Rehlat have compiled quick and easy guidelines to help travellers have an easier journey, alongside the online travel agency’s most sought after deals.

Warning: Fragile!

Did you know that if you put fragile tape on your luggage the airline will load the bag into the underbelly of the plane last, making it the first to be unloaded. This trick is perfect for those looking to reach their destination quickly.

Keep it busy

By choosing to fly from the busier airports, travellers can actually save money on their flights. Due to the level of competition major airlines are more willing to lower prices to secure passengers.

Fly away mid week

Holiday goers statistically depart on the weekend, nevertheless for a cheaper flight it is smarter to focus on the mid-week working days. Due to traffic being slower, airlines lower their prices to attract passengers onto the flight.

Around the world you go

Rehlat advises cost-conscious flyers to keep in mind that by booking round-way trips offers a high probability to save money as airlines place special deals for roundtrips. Moreover, Rehlat recommends booking your holiday during the off-season, as it is one of the best ways to save money on accommodation due to the drop in the standard rate in hotels.

Make the most of promotions

One can make the most of promotions to take advantage of lower costs and money saving deals.