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RSA launches competition to find UAE’s ‘Unluckiest Traveller’

Jul 13 2016


RSA, a leading provider of insurance services in the region, is launching the country’s first-ever competition to find the UAE’s unluckiest traveller. The four-week long campaign, launching July 10, will give people across the UAE a chance enter a contest to share their unluckiest travel stories and transform these experiences into an opportunity to win their dream vacation worth AED30,000.

Focus on travel insurance

RSA’s ‘In Search of the UAE’s Unluckiest Traveller’ aims to bring greater attention to the importance of travel insurance by showcasing that although unforeseeable mishaps can happen at any time while travelling, by getting the appropriate protection ahead of time, people can cover themselves against unexpected events. With close to six in 10 UAE residents saying they have never purchased travel insurance according to a survey by YouGov, RSA’s campaign aims to drive greater awareness for its value.

To enter the competition, all individuals have to do is to share their story of a time when they did not have travel insurance but needed it; mentioning what they had planned, their “unlucky” circumstances, and how they pulled through in the end. Each participant can enter the competition by submitting their stories via RSA Insurance UAE’s Facebook page or by using the official hashtag #RSATravelTales on their Facebook public profiles. The competition will run for a month from July 10 to August 10, at the end of which, RSA will select the winner who will receive the grand prize of AED 30,000 to spend on their dream trip.

A story to tell

Commenting on the campaign, David Harris, Director - Distribution at RSA Insurance, said, “Everybody either has had or knows someone who has had an unlucky incident happen to them when they have travelled, which has often spoilt their holidays. Whether it’s a case of lost luggage or a medical emergency, these incidents are often unexpected and unless you get travel insurance, you might find that you are not financially covered for these occasions.

“We tend to see that for people here, travel insurance is usually the last thing on their minds when they are planning a trip, whether this is because they do not believe they will need it or because they think it is too expensive. At RSA, we want to change the mind-set and show that by protecting yourself, you will at least receive compensation for unfortunate incidents that may occur on your trip.”

Travel insurance policies cost as low as AED 50 for a five-day trip and most commonly provide coverage for medical emergencies, baggage or passport loss, or flight cancellations. Additional covers can also be added to policies depending on individual destinations.

To learn more about the campaign and participate in it, visit RSA Insurance UAE’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RSAInsuranceUAE/?fref=ts

For more information on travel insurance, please visit: http://rsadirect.ae/travel-insurance