Happy kids, Happy Vacation

Jul 26 2017

Going on vacation should be an exciting and stress-free time, but sometimes when you have kids with you, it can be the opposite. Especially until everyone has settled down and acclimated to their new surroundings. A research conducted by Booking.com across 18,000 people from 25 countries worldwide shows how parents cope up in those make-or-break first 24 hours of a trip.

When asked how they prepare for the first day of a vacation, parents said that the two most important things to avoid disaster were to bring travel games and books to occupy their little ones as well as having a first aid kit handy (both 43%).

This was followed by:

· Packing emergency snacks (42%)

· Covering kids in bug spray/sunscreen (41%)

· Making sure that they brought familiar comforts, so the space feels like a home away from home (33%)

· Packing key items (e.g. swimsuit/ski gear) separately or at the top of the suitcase (31%)

· Checking out the fastest way to the beach/ski slopes (28%)

· Packing travel adapters and chargers at the top of the suitcase (25%)

· Enrolling kids into a club prior to arrival (12%)

· Renting a stroller (8%)

Even so, two in five parents (41%) believe that the first 24 hours of a trip can be memorable - it's sometimes the trials, tribulations, excitement and drama that are the things which can really make a vacation special.