Car Rental

Dubai gets its first pay-as-you-go rental service - UDrive

Jan 29 2017


UDrive, a Dubai-based pay-as-you-go rental service today recently launched the ‘UDrive for free’ campaign, offering residents and visitors to Dubai free membership for one month as well as a complimentary one hour free drive, that is inclusive of parking and fuel costs.

The campaign brings a new smart, cost-effective solution for people who want to try an alternative, simple and flexible way of renting a car. With UDrive, commuters can drive a car from anywhere to everywhere in the city, at any time and only PAY as you drive. As one of Dubai’s mobility programs with maximum flexibility, UDrive offers its members an opportunity to spontaneously rent vehicles anytime and anywhere without having to specify place of return or time in advance.

Hasib Khan, Managing Director and Founder of UDrive, commented: “For those who don’t want to commit to ownership, or don’t have the need for everyday car accessibility, UDrive makes the perfect option, whilst being also a reliable connector to the public transport. We are pleased to be the first public car sharing provider in the Middle East and to be a part of Dubai’s Smart Vision.”

UDrive cars can be booked and paid for via an app, offering Dubai’s most convenient and affordable car rental options for residents and visitors. Vehicles can be rented at a location nearest to the drivers via the UDrive app or can be reserved for fifteen minutes at no extra costs. The cars reserved can be opened using the UDrive app and will need to be activated using the pin provided on the device located in the glove box.

This keyless access through a mobile phone, and the ability to park for free across key RTA parking zones in the city, as well as free petrol, means drivers can go anywhere and at any time.