DPR brings greenery to the desert

Jan 10 2016


Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR) mission to bring lush vegetation to its desert destination is now well under way with the acquisition of 15,860 trees, 6,100 palms and over 1.4 million shrubs and groundcovers. Planting has already begun at the region’s largest integrated theme-park destination in preparation for its opening in October 2016, with an on-site nursery also established to house and nurture the remaining greenery.

A wide variety of plants will be found throughout the grounds of Dubai Parks and Resorts to ensure that visitors feel welcomed and rejuvenated by their natural surroundings. More than 376 different plant species have been sourced locally, as well as from Spain, Italy, Thailand, India and China to enhance the three theme parks and adjoining properties: motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai together with Legoland Water Park. These will all be connected by Riverland Dubai. The destination will also feature the Lapita Hotel, a Polynesian-themed resort.

Burgeoning desert nursery

So far, over 350 Washingtonia palms have been planted with over 3,650 being tended to in the nursery. In addition, different sizes of the red flowering Delonix tree can be found throughout the grounds, with heights ranging from nearly 1.8 meters to an impressive eight metres.

Dubai Parks and Resorts has committed to picking unique items to ensure a truly immersive experience. One example of this is a collection of 14 eight meter tall olive trees ranging between the ages of 200 and 300 years that have been imported from Italy. Sourced from various plantations in Tuscany as well as the South of Italy, the oldest three are believed to be over 300 years old. Abandoned due to their age and lack of producing olives, they will find their new home at motiongate Dubai.

Back of house operations

Paul La France, Chief Projects Officer for Dubai Parks and Resorts said, “We are very pleased to see that Dubai Parks and Resorts’ landscape is taking shape as the plants begin to arrive. Our staff has been working relentlessly to create a beautiful and welcoming environment where all guests can take in the striking sights, immerse themselves in the unique settings and have an altogether unforgettable experience.”

The nursery, which is part of the back of house operations, is almost two million square feet and has the capacity to house over 15,000 trees and palms and more than 900,000 shrubs and groundcovers as the project progresses. The nursery also has four greenhouses with a capacity of more than 100,000 pots each.