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Almosafer launches flight booking service

Mar 28 2017

After successfully running its hotel reservations platform for several years, Almosafer has released its new flight reservation feature for both their web and mobile app platforms. The service is valid for customers travelling to and from the Kingdom through more than 500 airlines globally.

Farooq Aljeraisy, the founder and CEO of Almosafer, said, “The Kingdom is currently undergoing a revolutionary transformation under the leadership of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to achieve sustainable development to build a brighter economy. One of the key sectors witnessing this change is travel and tourism. We are in sync with all the progress in this sector and are positioning Almosafer as a spearhead in this development.”

Aljeraisy confirmed that users can now compare flight rates and instantly get the best possible rates through the mobile application, making it easier, safer and more convenient than traditional booking channels. Once the booking is confirmed, customers will instantly receive their ticket and confirmation through email. The portal also provides a call center to re-confirm any amendments and address any inquiries about the booking.

Customers have also taken advantage of the “book now and pay later” service the portal offers, which has disrupted the e-booking service across the industry.