Arabian Adventures unveils lineup for 2017/18

Nov 08 2017

Arabian Adventures has curated a selection of excursions in response to the changing needs of customers and the launch of new attractions in the UAE. From visiting remote wadis and canyons to getting first hand insights into conservation efforts and Dubai’s evolving food culture, the new 2017/18 tours, safaris and attractions from Arabian Adventures has expanded with an enhanced offering for both visitors and residents of the UAE.

Some of the highlights of the new brochure include the new Mountain Safari, Nature Safari, Overnight Safari and Walking Food Tour.

“With nearly three decades of experience showcasing the UAE, we have a deep understanding of the local culture and landscape, and our experienced guides are wonderful at bringing its story to life. We wanted to offer experiences that were new to both tourists and residents, while still offering our trademark ‘must-do’ tours and safaris,” said Simon Mead, Head of Operations at Arabian Adventures. “We hope that visitors will be enchanted and enticed to return for repeat experiences, and that residents will come away with a renewed sense of discovery about their home.”

Mountain Safari

Go off the beaten track to the Mleiha Archaeological Centre in Sharjah for an understanding of ancient Bedouin culture, explore the Valley of Caves, and then head on to the beautiful east coast. This tour takes you on a discovery of UAE’s hidden gems and natural beauty.

Walking Food Tour

Experience Dubai’s vibrant street life and sample a variety of local ‘street food’ flavours at road-side cafes and food markets. Take a stroll along the historic 2nd December Street, and learn more about the culture and heritage of the region.

Overnight Safari

Since its launch two years ago, the Overnight Safari has been a popular choice for visitor and residents looking for an authentic, outdoor desert experience. This camp now opens with revamped interiors and other enhancements to the camp site. The all-inclusive, ‘glamping’ experience amongst the pristine dunes in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, is a memorable getaway.

Nature Safari

This experience presents a unique opportunity to learn about, and explore the natural habitat and fragile ecosystem of the desert. A drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve provides the chance to see Arabian wildlife and learn about sustainability and conservation efforts – with the possibility to assist the conservationists. It is well suited to families looking for entertaining and educational experiences for youngsters