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The 10 Best Hotel Booking Sites (Updated 2019)

Officials are warning summer travelers to be on alert about phony websites appearing as major airlines and hotels. First off, those enticing “65% Off!”, “70% Off!”, and “80% Off!” ads generally refer to “discounts” off the highest-priced, most-restricted ticket classes (refundable, etc.). What the carriers are really saying is that there are cheaper flights out there than the most expensive tickets.

For most travel planning, the best overall strategy is to compare prices from multiple sources including the hotel’s own website, as it will sometimes offer deals not shared with third-party sites, or offer the same rates as third-party sites minus pesky booking fees.

For example, apps like HotelsTonight, which will help you find cheap hotel rooms on extremely short notice, and SitOrSquat, which will direct you to nearby restrooms while you’re already on the road, should be a part of the essential toolkit for any travelers.

CruiseSheet can help you find cruises to particular locations or from ports near you for almost any length of time you can imagine, as well as for ships that set sail as far out as a year and a half from now (so you can book a vacation well in advance, and get a really great deal).

To really look into deals, you have to sign up as a Travelzoo user, but it’s free, and the deals are worth it. Next time you feel the itch to travel but you don’t know where to go, try the easy-to-navigate Travelzoo, and soon you’ll have more vacation ideas than you’ll be able to pick from.