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Archaeological tours in Egypt have much to offer, but should you visit Cairo or Luxor area to get the most from your tour? Whether it’s with a private dinner at the foot of the Pyramids at Giza, an exclusive nighttime visit to Beijing’s Temple of Heaven, or a dance lesson with a Cuban rumba master, a seasoned advisor can help turn your next vacation into the experience of a lifetime.

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And there is a huge push behind the scenes by TripAdvisor to convince owners that they need to manage” their page by adding photos, videos, and interacting with the reviewers in order to maintain a high rating, then post the TripAdvisor widgets on our websites and stickers in our windows to promote our businesses.

I’ve had tour clients recommended to me by their friends, who still double-checked with TripAdvisor before contacting me. My own family members have come to Paris with a list of restaurants collected from TripAdvisor rather than ask me — a travel writer living here since 1995 — for my recommendations (on the plus side, I don’t get any of the blame if they hate it).

Travelers also don’t realize that when they use third-party booking sites that it represents a serious bite into any business’s revenue, and they make up for that by charging more, so eventually the consumer ends up paying for TripAdvisor’s commissions (whose CEO happens to be the 4th highest paid in the United States).