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Holiday & Travel Guide For Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country that used to be Siam, but is now an independent country that has borders with many other Asian countries, including Burma, Malaysia and Cambodia. The capital of the country is Bangkok, which is a great fusion of everything that you could look for when wanting to experience the country, as it is both traditional and modern and has Eastern and Western influences there, which blend harmoniously.

In the capital, you can visit the largest crocodile farm in the world and so get up close and personal with one of the major hunters of nature. You should without a doubt visit the famous floating market of Bangkok though if you take either a day trip there, or stay at Aetas Hotel, by ordering it online at https://residence.aetashotels.com/.

At night, experience some famous Bangkok nightlife, by paying a trip to the Calypso Cabaret, where Bangkok ‘Lady Boys’ will entertain you for hours. This is something that may not be to the taste of everyone, but it can be a real experience of one of the things Thailand is famous for now in the modern world. There are other places that will have similar entertainment of course, so have a look down the bustling streets at night times and you are sure to find something you fancy.

If you like nature, go to Kanchanaburi, where you can take rafts down the river and admire the wildlife. You will also see an amazing Thai site if you take this excursion, as the famous River Kwai Bridge, which has even had a film made about it, is situated there. Built in the second world war by prisoners, this is something that has a lot of human history to it, and should be respected with a visit if you are in Thailand.

If you remain around the Bangkok area you will not go far wrong or get bored. There are plenty of tourist attractions and aspects of nature to take in, and you can get a real sense of the country for what it is. Make sure you taste real Thai cuisine and take in the culture while you can.