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A Spain vacation is a very popular choice, but which city is better to visit: Madrid or Barcelona? I was planning a trip to Maui several years ago and was trying to figure out the best luau to book and after looking through the forums but not seeing the specific questions I wanted answered I posted a thread, the very first commenter replied we’ve discussed this many, many times before.

Owners can use the messaging system to thank contributors, ask for other comments, legitimately attempt to resolve customer service issues, or (in the case of vacation rental property owners or managers) discuss a booking with a user, but they are not allowed to ask contributors to retract a review via the mailing system.

Just a sampling of Insight Vacations Insight Experiences includes meeting with a university insider at Trinity College in Ireland complete with priority entry to view the Book of Kells, and fast-track entry to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum, including rare access to the original Bramante Staircase, which is off limits to the general public.

The forums are filled with local experts (other TripAdvisor users who answer lots of forum questions and leave lots of reviews) to help you asking questions like: What bar in Miami Beach shows the NBA Playoffs?,” What restaurants in Charlotte are dog-friendly?,” What’s the best way to get to the zoo in San Diego?” If you have a specific question, the TripAdvisor forum is the place to ask it.

But there have already been many articles about the lawsuits and consumer complaints against TripAdvisor including a 2.3 star ranking on the Better Business Bureau I would prefer to ignore TripAdvisor, cut out the middleman and just speak directly to my clients.