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Maldives or the Republic of Maldives is part of the Island Nations of Indian Ocean. Imperial Airways’ “Caledonia,” operating the westbound trip, landed on Manhasset Bay the same day that “Clipper III” had reached Ireland, but in the afternoon, having first circled Manhattan. Back on land, luxury resorts provide the perfect launching points for adventures focused upon the sea, the archipelago’s greatest asset, but also, as the planet’s climate changes, its single greatest threat.

The resort has coral reefs, postcard-perfect beaches and dense rainforest. And for good reason – the waters are so clean that you can snorkel right off the beach and still see a diverse array of aquatic life. Sommarøy – meaning ‘Summer Island’ – is an island in Norway where the sun doesn’t set for 69 days every summer, and is in constant darkness from November to January.

One of the world’s most picturesque islands, this spot has clear blue waters and sparkling sand. They also took over native species’ niches and destroyed the natural ecological balance of the islands. Artificial islands are created in different ways for different purposes.

When Polynesians called Maori first came to the islands that are now New Zealand, they were met by unusual species: huge birds called moas. Boating, fishing, beachcombing and swimming are the main pursuits here, with good, modern amenities for vacationers. They are called barrier islands because they act as barriers between the ocean and the mainland.

Almost half the total land area of these equatorial isles is protected, and many of the islands lie within fish-rich marine sanctuaries with excellent diving and snorkeling. A change in the water quality, coral reef ecosystems, or pristine beaches would devastate the livelihood of islanders.